14th EHS International Congress


Official Communication from the EHS Executive Committee


At European Hip Society, our very first wishes address your health, and that of your family … For each of us, wherever we live, and with a particular consideration for all our colleagues and friends from Italy and Spain who are so painfully affected, our countries are counting on us to confront this epidemic. Our European Hip Society knows that despite the difficulties, despite the risks, we will be able to respond collectively and individually to the most important health challenge that our generation will have experienced.

In such a dramatic context, we naturally had to address our coming biannual congress in October 2020: the global Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to take the difficult decision to postpone. We announce to you that our rescheduled EHS 14th Congress will take place in Lille on 9th and 10th September 2021, with the same Congress Organizer, MCI. We will keep the same convention center as initially planned. This date has proven to be the only solution for us, as during the first six months of 2021 there will be a multitude of events of all kinds, those which were already planned for early 2021, as well as those in 2020 which have been recently postponed …

Numerous congresses and meetings, as well as other types of sporting or political events have already been cancelled or postponed. We perfectly understand how very frustrating these cancellations can be for organizers and attendants, however all of us naturally place the safety of participants as the first priority. We are grateful to the Industry for supporting us as they do at a very high level of confidence, and are proud of the enthusiastic support of all surgeons who have accepted to lead and participate in our symposia, and all our colleagues who have sent their abstracts to share their knowledge and hip-related experience.

Everything that has been already done for 2020 will simply be renewed accordingly, i.e. agenda, symposia, web site and side events. All submitted abstracts have been saved and will be taken into account for any new call for abstracts. Our partnership with Hip Toulouse will naturally be renewed as well, and of course Canada will remain our Guest Nation.

Our European Hip Society aims to provide the best knowledge in any hip-related topic. The interest for this International Hip Congress is fast being regarded as the main Hip reference in Europe, with a very appealing programme thanks to the extremely valuable participation of the major key hip surgeons from so many countries. At Lille 2021, we will be proud again to stay at the cutting edge of advances in Orthopaedics, hence we look forward to welcoming each of you there.

“Bringing Orthopaedic Hip Surgeons Together”… More than ever !

On behalf of the entire Board of European Hip Society,

Faithfully yours,

Jean-Alain Epinette, M.D. – EHS President