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“evidence based medicine” is the future; Whatever you claim, you will be asked to prove it. It is as simple as that! Beside that, the regulatory barrier is getting higher and higher and clinical follow up become more and more mandatory.

Medicowl Instruments

Beside the instruments sets provided by the orthopedic companies, hospitals or dissection labs have their own “universal” instruments. Those are often of poor quality and can compromise a good surgery or make it more difficult.
Medicowl provides a range of top “universal” instruments, developed in collaboration with worldwide renowned surgeons in their speciality.
Prof. Philippe Neyret has developed a set for knee surgery.
Other internationally renowned surgeons are currently developing universal sets for hips and for shoulders.

Medical Software

Analytics solutions

High-end surgical instruments

Our mission

We’re looking to improve the quality of training and work in orthopedics

The Vision of MEDICOWL is to connect these professionals in order to make their life easier, to allow them to access to others experience, and at the end of the day to improve the outcome of the surgeries for the benefit of the patient.

Our vision

Easier education of orthopedics surgeons and safer surgeries

Surgery is performed by experts who are often left “alone” in their hospital and who are not necessarily in contact with other experts beside 2-3 congresses per year.
Beside the implant manufacturer who provides most of the time state of the art instruments and implants, nobody has the overview on the all patient journey. Our vision is that this is missing and will bring an added value for the patient but also for the surgeon, the hospital and for the national health systems.

Our values


Absolute reliability, trust, friendship and complete dedication are the most important values for us. Anywhere in the world, MEDICOWL, directly or via distributors, will behave in the same way;