the ultimate tools for orthopaedic surgeons

What you all add :

  • You do not have “the right instrument”, the right hammer, handy, well balanced
  • Not too heavy but efficient, the right pliers, the needle holder of the right length …
  • See the circulating nurse disappear, looking for the missing instrument.
  • Use a “hip box” to perform knee replacement surgery because there are not enough.

The good worker has good tools and he knows how to make good use of them.

I realized very early on how important it was not only to have the right instruments, but also to see them gathered and gathered in boxes suitable for the surgery envisaged. Medicowl combines Swiss know-how, technicality, reliability, excellence and concepts from French Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery. This project is supported by the teaching received from two major schools of orthopedic and trauma surgery

  • The Lyon school
  • And the Tourangelle school.

Prof Philippe NEYRET.  

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EFORT President  2019-June 2020
ISAKOS President 2015-2017
ACL Study Group President 2014-2016